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About Company

ASA International is a global microfinance company that provides affordable financial services to enable low-income female micro-entrepreneurs enhance their business and increase incomes for themselves and their families. Given ~750 million underserved women across Asia and Africa, ASA International was founded in 2007 to utilize the award-winning ASA model of microfinance with a mission: to achieve socioeconomic progress of low-income communities via financial inclusion.

The ASA model (developed by ASA Bangladesh NGO) is characterized by establishing low-cost operations with a decentralized branch network, proprietary IT systems, strong risk management and internal controls to distribute microloans for exclusively income generating activities to clients within low income communities. The Company has successfully replicated the ASA model and established MFIs in Pakistan, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Myanmar in Asia, and Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone in Africa.

As at June 2018, the operations had over 2.0 million clients across 1,557 branches in the twelve countries. As of June 2018 the Company managed a loan portfolio of ~USD 314 million and deposits of ~USD 56 million.

ASA International has a strong Board of Directors, led by Chairman and Co-Founder, Md. Shafiqual Choudhury, who has been an established presence in global microfinance for almost four decades. The Board is supported by a vastly experienced senior management team, operating out of both Bangladesh and the Netherlands, who have together overseen ASA International’s evolution since inception. They manage and supervise a cadre of experienced operating managers sourced from ASA Bangladesh working in the Company’s various operating countries together with local staff.

ASA International has an excellent social performance record and all its MFIs subscribe to the ‘Client Protection Principles’​ to maintain transparency and accountability to its clients.

Headquarters: Amsterdam, North Holland

Specialties: Impact Investment, Financial Inclusion, Financial Services, and microfinance